Steve Hopf


Steve has been a resident of Clallam County for over 60 years.

He graduated from PAHS in 1972, graduated from Peninsula College in 1976 with an Applied Associates of Arts degree and Technical Certificate in Nursing. He graduated again in 1982 with an Applied Associates of Science degree and Technical Certificate in Industrial Electronics. He also achieved certification from the Association For The Advancement Of Medical Instrumentation (BioMedical Electronics) and FCC Licensing (General Class Commercial Radio Telephone).

Steve earned his EMT in 1975 and helped CCFD2 move toward providing EMS. He has been a Nurse, Operating Room Technician, and Certified Medical Electronics Technician  at Olympic Memorial Hospital (Olympic Medical Center). During this time he was a volunteer Firefighter/EMT at Black Diamond Station. He also became the first overall Chief Officer for the District. He wrote the first Master Plan and the first Hose Manual for the District.

In 1989 Steve was hired as a full time Firefighter/EMT in Federal Way. He stayed a Clallam County resident and volunteer while working in Federal Way. While in Federal Way he earned the ranks of Firefighter/EMT, Lieutenant, Captain, and Training Officer. Through the King County Medic One program he helped review how CPR was performed in the field and helped change the standards to what they are today. Because of his knowledge in medical electronics and radio communications Steve helped select both radio equipment and medical devices (heart monitors, AED’s, Pulse Oximetry, and other devices) that helped all of the agencies in King County.

Steve received many awards from both agencies, including Firefighter of the Year, EMT of the Year, Company Officer (Lt, Capt, and Training) of the year, and special commendations from both agencies.

Steve was also one of the original members of the FEMA Puget Sound Task Force (WATF-1). He went to Federal Deployments, including the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Steve is very happy and humbled to have been elected to serve as a Commissioner for CCFD2.